About Us



Vanguard is a school of personalized learning, serving students from each of the 6 comprehensive high schools.  Our school offers a different environment, allowing students to work more closely with teachers.  Students work on core content classes at their own pace, often allowing for more accelerated credit acquisition.  Students work closely with a “team leader” who helps guide academic choices and experiential opportunities.  Through social-emotional support, we build positive relationships that help students find their pathway to success.


As part of the District 214 school community, we remain connected to the mission and goals of the district.  Staff members implement innovative learning techniques and work to build student skills in the core curriculum. Many of the classroom activities use experiential learning strategies and a hands-on approach that fosters student engagement. Our unique connection beyond the classroom utilizes community resources to meet the post-high school goals of the students.  We offer several weekly community service and/or career-focused opportunities to help students prepare to be engaged citizens, ready for the career path of their choice.


Vanguard School is a leader in technology, with a completely digital curriculum.  It is our belief that the use of technology in this way is not only effective in improving learning and engagement but helps our graduates to be innovators and leaders in their careers after high school.

Vanguard has an early college focus.  Students who are of junior standing are encouraged to begin college classes, accruing several credits before even finishing high school.  Many students participate in our internship program in order to prepare them for college and careers.   Students at Vanguard graduate achieving personally and academically beyond what they had ever imagined.

Vanguard staff models the team approach in working with students and is focused on developing life-long skills that each student can use to build a successful future. Students can easily become connected and feel pride in the spirit of the school.

Scott Scholten

Associate Principal, Vanguard School

Specialized Schools, High School District 214