Health Services


Vanguard School Health Services is sometimes known as "The Nurse’s Office." Health Services is coordinated by Cindee Martorano BS, RN, OCN. Her services are shared by Forest View Educational Center, The Academy, Life (Transition), Newcomer Center, and Vanguard School. Ms. Martorano provides daily health care for students, as well as coordinates emergency care for students and staff. Directing the comprehensive school health program, which meets the needs of the students, school, and community are an integral part of her role.

Ms. Martorano, is one of the specialists in the Student Service Team. Ms. Martorano assists students with academic, emotional, behavioral, health and legal issues that might arise in their lives. She provides a link between home and school. The specialists provide more individualized assistance with decision making for all students as well as serve as liaisons to outside agencies and services. It is our belief that in order for a child to be successful academically, we must first look at their overall health. Nutrition, exercise, relaxation, good communication, healthy relationships, stress management, immunizations, physical, dental, vision and hearing exams are all part of looking at each student in a holistic manner. We believe that these physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs are essential and provide a foundation in which learning can then take place.

District 214/FVEC in conjunction with Advocate Children's Hospital brings a mobile clinic to the premises several times a year. Children who have  Public Aid (Medicaid/CHIP) or no insurance may be seen for Physicals and Immunizations.  Contact the Vanguard office or Nurse Martorano for more information and the required paperwork.