Student Services

The Vanguard counseling department is committed to delivering a comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program and creating an exemplary educational environment for all students.

Helping All Students Achieve Success

The mission of the Student Services Department is aligned with the District mission to help all students learn the skills, acquire the knowledge, and develop the behaviors necessary for them to reach their full potential as citizens who can meet the challenges of a changing society. The Student Services Staff work as collaborative partners with parents, teachers, administrators, and the community to promote positive self development, academic achievement, social responsibility, and life-long learning.

The Counseling Department provides guidance services and interventions which focus on meeting the academic, personal/social, and college/career needs of all students. 


Counselors assist students in their academic development and educational planning in a variety of ways including course selection, scheduling, assessing interests and abilities, and consulting with parents and teachers to see how students are progressing in their classes.

Counselors also coordinate ongoing systematic activities designed to assist students individually in establishing personal goals and developing future plans.

Personal & Social

Counselors and social workers are available to assist students with any personal or social concerns that may be affecting their learning. Counselors and social workers will help students acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills necessary for positive self development and academic success.

Individual and group counseling services are provided for students requiring additional direction. Group counseling allows the students a safe environment to explore their concerns with other students experiencing similar issues.  All students are encouraged to join a counseling group that aligns with their personality and needs.

Counselors also make appropriate referrals to outside community agencies for students in need of additional services.