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  • Vanguard School proudly announced the Students of the Month for October, 2018. 

for outstanding attendance, excellence in the PAC building trades program, leadership in woods class and his dedication to reading, the House of Kain proudly named Ramiro Suarez, Student of the month

a critical thinker who leads by example, outstanding story writer, the House of Negron congratulates Student of the Month, Ryan Hassan.

  • Students who have bus issues should report them to the Vanguard office for resolution.  In the event that a student is waiting on their stop and the bus passes them, they should immediately call the bus company at 847-640-2142.  The bus company will direct the bus to circle back for to pick up the student.​  
  • Team up for success.  Each student meets with their team to start the day.  Schedules and other important information is passed on in Team at the beginning of each day the day.  Opportunities for field trips, service learning, internships, counseling groups, dual enrollment classes, the Early College Center, and workshops are presented in morning Team.   It is crucial to be on time for school to be in Team every day. 

  • Every student has a weekly goals meeting with their team leader.  These meetings serve the role of conferences and counseling sessions.  Students have the opportunity to discuss concerns and receive support in overcoming obstacles in their weekly meetings.  Goals for the week, the quarter and the school year are reviewed.  Team leaders discuss and help each student lay the groundwork for their post-high school plans during weekly meetings.  Team leaders discuss and sign students up for upcoming opportunities for that align with students interests and future plans during their goals meetings.

  • Our success depends upon the success of our students, while at Vanguard and long term.  All students are enrolled in a "Life and Career Planning" elective class.  Students are expected to attend school sponsored college visits, career treks, trade school visits, industry speaker events, job shadowing opportunities, internships and more. Students learn about and can sign up for these opportunities in team. Our personalized learning format makes it possible for students to attend these offerings without falling behind in their coursework.  Information and sign up for opportunities are in Team.  Upcoming opportunities include:

    • SAT PREP classes will be offered at all home schools.  Registration begins on January 9, 2019. Number of sessions, class days and times vary by school.

    • The Early College Center accepted has finalized enrollment for the fall semester.  The ECC has on-line classes offered by Arizona State University with support from District 214 staff.  The ECC is in the Forest View complex.  Contact a counselor or ECC coordinator, Elizabeth Owens-Scheile or more information or to apply for spring, 2019, enrollment.

    • Robert Morris Scholarship - as a result of District 214's partnership with Robert Morris University, Vanguard School has two full scholarships awarded each year.  To be eligible, students must have a 2.5/4.0 grade point average and they must apply to Robert Morris on-line.  Students should apply if they are interested in one of the majors/academic programs offered.  There is a $25 application fee to apply.  Students with a fee waiver can apply through the fee waiver application section.

    • ISA Corps Thursday morning workshops at Vanguard. Topics such as completing the FAFSA; seeking financial aide, completing a college application and more.  Sponsor:  Patrick Kain 

    • Sign up now for Spring 2019 dual-enrollment Harper classes.  Students enrolled in a Harper class attend school mornings as usual.  Dual-enrollees attend one of more than a dozen Harper course options at their Palatine campus.  Application, enrollment fees, tuition, books and transportation are paid for by District 214 and arranged by program sponsor, Natalia Negron.  See Ms. Negron or Mr. Kain for information.

  • Service is essential at Vanguard.  All students are enrolled in Community Resources.  They earn credit in this class for service to the community at the sites of their choice.  Service offers students the opportunity to develop and enhance communication, collaboration and leadership skills, gain valuable work experience, learn about social issues and their root causes, preview careers, and more.  In addition, service experiences help build a student's resume and are an asset when completing a college application.  Service offerings are very diverse allowing students to try something new or select opportunities that align with their interests.  For every 70 hours of volunteer service, student earn a  a .5 elective credit called Community Resources. Students learn about opportunities, sign up to volunteer and check their current point total during their weekly meeting with their Team Leader or at any time with Mr. Scholten.     Upcoming service opportunities include:

    • volunteering at the local Food Pantry every Tuesday, Vanguard sponsors: Matt Wrobel and Elizabeth Meister;

    • packing meals for children in impoverished countries at Feed My Starving Children; once per month, Vanguard Sponsor, Elizabeth Meister;

    • volunteering at Wings (a social service agency which provides resources people affected by domestic violence, ) in their resale shop, weekly, Vanguard sponsor:  Amy O'Neill;

    • clean up at Busse Woods, weekly when weather permits, Vanguard sponsors:  Natalie DeMeo and Amy O'Neill;

    • reading and writing with grammar school children who are behind in those areas with "Lunch Buddies" (coordinated by HandsOn Suburban Chicago) biweekly, Vanguard Sponsor:  Kara Franco;

    • sorting and packing new and used books for at-risk children at Bernie's Book Bank, Vanguard sponsor:  Amy O'Neill.

    • Quarterly opportunities to volunteer at SCARCE (School & Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education) in Glen Ellyn. Vanguard sponsor:  Keith Healy;   

  • There's a group for everyone.  Vanguard offers a variety of counseling groups each with unique goals and focus.  Each group is facilitated by a member of the school student services team.  Students are encouraged to join a group for personal growth. Groups meet weekly. 

  • The SPARK on-line course platform has been a great success.  We are excited about the improvements and changes to this platform for the year ahead.  Curriculum for all core classes is presented to students on the web-based SPARK platform.  Vanguard teachers have the ability to customize the SPARK curriculum offerings to align with their objectives and State standards.   SPARK was key to making our transition to personalized learning both feasible and successful.  Students can access and work on their SPARK courses at any time from any location with an Internet connection.  The on-line platform offers many benefits including the flexibility for students to get involved in service offerings,  college visits, life and career planning opportunities and counseling groups, and educational field trips without missing out on coursework.  Students are assigned to a classroom and have a teacher for every SPARK class.  Students who are meeting their goals have the privilege of checking-in at the beginning of the class and choosing any appropriate workspace in the school to do their work on days that teachers are not offering direct instruction, labs or need to communicate to their class as a whole.  To maintain this privilege students must check in in the classroom with their assigned teacher for each scheduled class.  Our personalized learning platform makes it possible for students to work independently at their own pace: upon successful completion of a course, a student can be immediately enrolled in the next course without the limitation of quarters or semesters.   SPARK also makes it possible for teachers to work individually with a student when they struggle.  We are very excited about how SPARK personalized learning experience evolved during the 2017-18 school year and we plan continue to improve and expand it's capabilities in the year ahead.  

  • Attendance is the foundation of success at Vanguard.  Aside from greatly enhancing the likelihood of success, attendance is a criteria for most privileges and honors.  Please contact the school office at 847-718-7870 before 8:30 a.m. on any day your student will not be in attendance.

  • Welcome new students!  Vanguard welcomes new students at the start of the school  year and again at each academic quarter.  Students are referred by their home school counselor or have the ability to apply to come to Vanguard.  A member of the student service staff arranges for a tour and interview for all prospective students.  Intakes for the second quarter will begin at the end of September.  Contact your home school counselor or the Vanguard office for information.